Hi, I’m Frauke.

I’m a UX designer, researcher, facilitator, strategic advisor and psychologist.

I started my career in 2004 with a strong passion for human-centred design. Since then, I worked in large organizations, in design agencies and as an independent consultant.

I have worked for various industries (telco, finance, tourism, SAAS, higher education, B2B) and created software solutions, mobile applications and websites.

I’ve seen the best results when working in a highly interdisciplinary environment – and I think we are not doing enough of it.

I’m here to share my share my expertise with collaborative design methods and lean user research to see more successful products.

About Frauke

What's my story?

In my career as a UX Designer, I often found myself designing solutions based on pre-defined requirements with limited data backup, a lack of customer knowledge (no time for research) and unrealistic timelines. Product decisions were mostly based on business needs and less influenced by customer needs.

I didn’t feel like I was using my full skillset. Over the years, UX Design seemed to be more and more reduced to a great “look & feel” with “seamless interactions”.

I couldn’t settle with that. My understanding of UX Design is different. I see UX as the balance between business needs, customer needs and technology.

Good design solutions come from bringing people together.

So I started to bring workshop methods into my design process. Workshops, that bring people across disciplines together.

With Customer Journey Map Workshops, Assumption Maps and Design Studios I saw some amazing results. But mostly, I received really great feedback about the impact these workshops have on teams. These workshops often brought team members together who had never worked with each other before – and sometimes didn’t even know of each others’ departments!

And now I am on a mission: I want more teams to experience the impact of collaborative design. And I want more designers being equipped to facilitate these kind of experiences.

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