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Improve your design skills with these practical and succinct online courses.

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UX Workshop Fundamentals

Learn how to facilitate UX workshops and lead collaborative design work.

Data-Driven Design Methods

Learn how to lead design decisions with quantitative and qualitative data.

Become a collaborative design leader

Grow your impact

Explore collaborative design approaches to increase buy-in for design decisions.

Lead actions

Use customer data and turn them into actionable insights to lead design decisions.

Design meets business

Learn how to combine the design focus with a business focus to create more impactful solutions

Let's design together

Being a UX/CX Designer means being a translator: we collect insights and turn them into user-friendly solutions.

But a customer experience isn’t just influenced by a design solution. And a design solution has more impact than the direct user interaction.

To create impactful digital solutions, we need to work together. Designers have to come out of their silos and start to be the balance for business, customers and technology.

I’ll teach collaborative design methods. Work with me as a coach for yourself or your team.