Make design collaborative

Work with me to learn UX techniques that bring your team together, unleash creativity and ends in innovative product outcomes.

Services I offer

UX Strategy

I support you and your team in the product design process with UX methods and recommendations.

Just like an architect, I help you to shape your product vision and create a plan to make your product come to life.

  • Define your target audience
  • Understand your competitors
  • Ideate and prioritize product features
  • Define flows and interaction models
  • Create content hierarchy and interface structure

User Research

You want to understand your customers better? Understand what is working and not working in your product offering?

I collect customer feedback and turn them into actionable insights.

  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Diary Studies
  • Participatory Design

UX Facilitation

You want to transform your design process, create more team engagement and increase creativity?

I facilitate UX workshops at all stages in your design process that result in clear and actionable outcomes. 

  • Discovery Workshops
  • Alignment Workshops
  • Empathy Workshops
  • Ideation Workshops
  • Prioritization Workshops
  • Planning Workshops

UX Mentoring

You want to improve your or your team’s UX skills?

I provide mentorship as well as customized trainings for your team to improve UX design and user research skills.

  • Mentorship 1:1
  • Customized group training

UX Review

You want to get quick inputs into how to improve your products?

I do UX reviews of your products based on usability principles and standards to provide you with actionable recommendations.

  • Heuristic Evaluation (review of your product based on usability principles and standards)
  • Rapid user research (unmoderated)

Course: Think Like Your Customer

User Research Basics for Marketers

Do you want to increase your customer engagement, define more targeted messages and improve the customer value of your product? In this course, you learn how to gain better customer insights and improve your design process with a customer-centric mindset. 

  • The UX Mindset
  • Benefits of user research vs market research
  • User research tools & methods
  • Building a research culture
  • Case studies

Next course starts January 15, 2024.